Yes…the experts have now come to the conclusion that Mike Huckabee is BULLSH*RT! 

Mike’s proclivity for the Christian snake oil approach to everything has now made even the most cynical of  Huck-a-JESUS excuse-rs realize that Huckabee is a lying sack of bigotry and an anti-American democracy swine packed full of terminal bullsh+rt.

WARNING!! This blog will use the word bullsh*t many more times before we ‘re through !!

Huckabee is one of the leaders of the bogus “Non Christian Christians” who use the name of the Lord  in vain to serve their purposes of milking their gullible bunch of scared shirtless white moronic creeps followers of what’s left of their intelligence and most of their money.

The con act of organised religion is simple “Give us most of your money and we’ll get you into heaven !”

This is bullsh*rt! 

 Hucksters like “Huckster-bee” have about as much chance of getting anyone into an imaginary place in the clouds as Dennis Miller has of redeeming himself with the comedy community. 

Appealing to the lowest of the lowest American bigots will get the anti contraception  ACA crowds out in force…and as for the homophobic greasy chicken  on a bun multitude ..they’ll be there for Huckabee’s bullsh*t elitist anti freedom of thought big time as they stuff their white faces with white meat covered in caloric hell! 

What could possibly be wrong with the words :” Affordable Care” ..We suspect Jesus would like the idea of affordable care for all His people. 

The hatred that “Huck -a-F@#$%^” and the rest of the so-called “Christians”  promote just reminds us of the worst case scenario for this country

What if  fat f*$$%%^ like Limbaugh and the “Huck-a-nutcase” ..get their way.

THE FIRST THING THEY’LL DO IS CRUCIFY THE REST OF US ..They have the Bible to tell them how to do that. ..

and this is NOT BULLSH*RT!!




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