We cannot watch Fox News for longer than 30 seconds without serious bouts of violent dry heaving !

However, if you tweet at all, you can usually pick up some of the total unmitigated crap that spews out of their twisted studios full of polluted bigotry and veiled racist diatribes. 

The latest epic tone-deaf insanity came this week from some idiot sitting pontificating with some other idiot.

The gist of the debate was “why wasn’t  gold medal winner GABBY DOUGLAS and the rest of the gymnastic team wearing stars and strips on their outfits..They just didn’t look patriotic! ”

Of course the one black gymnast was their focal point ..with her picture in the cute shocking pink sparkling uniform that celebrated the freedom of choice and the 21st century way of expressing all of that! 

Finding a way to make it seem it was Gabby’s fault that this was an “unpatriotic” fashion statement seemed to imply that she was either a traitor or a secret Muslim …or worse….who the f*ck are these cretins?  

What total fools these Fox News nit wits look to anyone with a broader outlook than that of a person locked in a small dark room with Chuck Norris DVD’s and Ted Nugent albums.

What fools they look like to anyone with a broader outlook than that of an evening at Sarah Palin’s house with experts still searching for any signs of intelligence life.

What fools they look to anyone with a broader outlook other than those that still look upon Michele Bachman as if she does not come from the union between Martian spores and the  lobotomized Mad Woman of Shiloh.

The relentless demonizing of minorities, liberal thinking and progressive women on Fox , including the Uncle Tom paid up blacks they trot out, has a direct correlation to the ever-increasing massacres tasking place across the country.

For the betterment of society Fox News should be shut down or at least deported back to Australia.



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