This  HATE  is urged on by the American FOX FASCIST NEWS network there now can be no doubt about this!

The Fox News network is one of the factors that is completely irresponsible and at the same time responsible for the climate of HATE now existing in our country…there can be no doubt about that either.   

THE OTHER IS THE RIGHT WING OF THE GOP. By the hate filled statements of the “wicked wannabee witches of the white supremacists” Michele Bachman , Sarah Palin and their hideous FOX FASCIST ass kissers “Greta Van Creepiness” and “Michelle Malfunction Malkin”  there is no doubt about this either!

These creatures  are not really women but some strange alien breed of red colored females who really wanted to have a “three-piece set of extremist bigot balls!” 

As the shrillness of the white anger at a black President reaches a fever pitch extremist American Fascists are egged on by their mentors ..

Their mentors??.

The mysterious minions of secret corporate funders!!  

Funders who  are …without any further shadow of a doubt… out to destroy our DEMOCRACY…and they also become more and more dangerous to American minorities that ever every day.

The wrong-headed white Fascist attack on the peaceful Sikh’s..the burning to the ground of Mosques this week alone tells the tale of the HATE brewing as the panic of the white man losing control of his “God-given” right to rule becomes more and more clear to him.   

 Senile old Christian con artist Pat Robertson put his ten cents into the ring yesterday by saying the climate of hate is “caused by the atheists!”  

Most atheists don’t give a flying f*ck about any religion or any doctrine ..they just want to be left alone to contemplate enjoying every day they have left on the planet before the nothingness they think is coming.   There can be no doubt about that either.

PERHAPS…just perhaps… if there were no Gods to worship down through the centuries and people just believed in themselves  we might not have f*cked up this planet so badly.

…..And I did not have sex with that woman…I just don’t count a blow job as sex….


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