This will be short and sweet!

A “well know astrologer” in one of MSNBC’s more trivial news moments recently was asked about Romney’s chances at becoming President …her reply was simple…”In October something will be revealed that will seriously damage his chances!” 

For those who don’t follow the star charts and don’t care if you’re a Libra or a Taurus this will just be a silly indulgence into the occult. For the millions who do follow along it may have some portent of a future problem for the secretive cultist and tone-deaf elitist gaffster.

And to make things clearer and to differentiate an astrologist from a psychic…Astrology is an ancient science practised for centuries using alignments and complicated charts to map possible future scenarios.  Psychism is a possible God-given gift that relies totally on an individual’s ability to see what others cannot see. 

So here we’re talkin’ ancient science and charts versus peering into the future!

Believe it or not…don’t we secretly know that this ROMNEY guy is hiding something really bad …even criminal….don’t we have that queasy feeling that he’s just another white-collar criminal with no regard for the law of the land..a man who will bend the taxation rule to protect his hidden stash of cash?

Sure we do…so it stands to reason that sooner or later some whistle-blower or some smart journalist will find a way to break this bastards bank wide open.

This is NOT the type of leader this country needs…this is a bad man..this is an aloof elitist with ties to crooked casino owners and to Fascists corporate moguls.  

He is a weak man, and a possible white-collar criminal.    

We had our share of war criminals with the Bush gangsters and now we’re facing a different kind of criminal…a man with no understanding of this great country’s  people or its rule of law.

How did we get this far down the path that millions are contemplating voting for a fraudulent and unworthy opponent such as this…and why isn’t the main stream media understanding just who they’re giving a fairly free ride to?

Mild mannered Harry Reid must know something to be so “un-mild”…which is a word I just made up.




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