The mentality of the apparent majority of TEXANS resembles that of a numbing anti social society hell-bent on maintaining the cowboy “shoot to kill” philosophies that were prevalent in the 19th and early 20th century.

My ex-wife and her con artist husband kidnapped my kids in the 70’s and went to live in Dallas. I had to visit Dallas to see my kids through the years. It was a really strange and debilitating experience .

Texas killed John Kennedy..keep that in mind. …GEORGE BUSH is from TEXAS he killed hundreds and thousands of people and nearly killed this country’s economy.

In TEXAS …one of their claims to fame is their tally of executions.They even kill innocent people and retarded people too…

When you arrive in TEXAS you do feel that you’ve come to another country.

A killing field.

The airport alone seems alien …many guys are walking about with cowboy hats on…this is a fashion and political statement at the same time…it just looks strange…and you have a feeling that many of them are packing…just a feeling that goes along with the hats…and the boots.  

Of course this is a total simplification of the great state of TEXAS..

And we know that TEXANS have warmth and they love people and they’re as down home as can be Y’ All ! 

Texas has a large population…including a major Hispanic and black  contingent.

All this is overshadowed by the plain fact that TEXANS… on a whole… put State first,God second and country third or fourth probably after after steak dinners, rodeos and oil.

The GOP have a virtual lock on the politics of TEXAS with large margins in both state houses…This means they do what they damn well please…

Okay all you good TEXANS with the liberal thoughts and the progressive ideas we all know most of you hang in Austin where having a decaf cappuccino doesn’t make you a homo! ..

Compassion and humility may make an appearance in TEXAS…this may take a return visit from “The Man” whose name you invoke to ply your rhetoric , your cruelty and your lack of respect for real Christian principles. 


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