Stating the obvious seems to be the flavor of the week here at Bearde’s Eye View so here’s another “obvious” for you.

Looking at the polls… however bogus …shows that the PRESIDENT is  so far ahead in the popularity department that it’s a joke…

Nobody apart from the brain-dead and meth addicts like ROMNEY…How could you??? …he’s not a man …he’s dry wall in a suit! 

Look …even racists hate him…they’ll vote for him because they’d vote for a pregnant goat rather than the “Muslim socialist less than human Negro!” …but they don’t like him.

The Fascists know this …everyone knows this ..that is… apart from Romney who looks like he thinks people like him ..that’s how out of it he is….SO WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT? 

We must all know by now that the only way the GOP can win anything is by cheating…..its how Bush got elected….its in their blood …and now its happening again….Voter suppression…

The DEMOCRATS don’t have to do this …if enough minorities, women and young people get out to vote like last time Mitt and the gang of corp0-cuthroats are toast!

So that leaves the extremist right wing version of the ex-REPUBLICAN PARTY a free hand to swindle, steal and cheat their way into power.

If they pull this off and we get to see an unelectable unpopular clown in the WHITE  PLACE…then we’ll all know how that happened as we LIBERALS are carted off to the internment camps to be read the scriptures and taught to kiss snakes and love JESUS. 

 It could happen…who’d of thought we could land on Mars or would allow hand-held rocket launchers in every home and execute retarded people in Texas…


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