The Paul Ryan decision  defines the mediocrity and fear in the heart of the ROMNEY campaign.

To shore up his limited racist anti average American Fascist he has chosen a freak of economic nature. A nasty narrow-minded little Washington corporate shill of a right-wing insider…

This guy Ryan is the epitome of everything that Liberals find totally offensive.

He is to Liberals what Dennis Miller is to the comedy world. The PEPSO DISMAL of politicians.

He is pink slime  to Progressives…He’s reconstituted chicken parts that are made to look palatable.

Romney and Ryan are so white they shine in the dark…they are so white they don’t need Rinso!

Romney and Ryan are so white they don’t have to wear sheets to attend Klan meetings!

Ryan is so out of touch with the average America he thinks Little League is played by midgets.

Ryan’s idea of fun will be seeing the old people being thrown out of the nursing homes …and his version of “small government” making sure that kids everywhere don’t  get a free education and  their schools are turned into internment camps for gays,Muslims and people with senses of humor.

Romney/Ryan will recreated the”Bush administration’s biggest hits”..

Military spending will soar as we invade England which Romney found to be inhospitable to an insulting  moron in a suit! 

THIS DUO WOULD BE  A WORST CASE SCENARIO as leaders of a third world country..which… if elected …they would turn this country into. 

Romney has once again muscalulated  what defines this country!



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