Is this country ready to go down the disastrous path of literate liability of putting the doctrines of Joseph Smith’s total hog wash “Book of Mormon” and the crazy right wing rantings of America’s Mein Kampf  style author Ayn Rand?

Between Mitt and Paul and Obama we have the greatest single choice ever offered of going off the cliff of reality by handing over the country to a bunch of corporate war mongering military industrial ass kissing shills or a tough seasoned American President who handed the car industry back to America and stopped terrorism in its tracks while protecting the health care  of  millions of unfortunate people as best he could …and under ridiculous anti government rebellion from the obstructive Right Wing Congress and the Supreme Court of his own country.

The choice is here…Its in Black…and in the White House now… or its white and white on white and wants to be in the WHITE HOUSE!


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  1. Agreed. Romney is scarier than Bush and Obama is given shit because it’s cool to give Obama shit these days. Great post

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