We have come down to this ..the defining moment in the American character for the foreseeable future of the 21st Century!

The Romney/Ryan ticket has now provided us with that moment in time when America either steps backwards into an abyss of the most devastating pile of economic waste material ever offered up on a platter for the rich..or bites the bullet of real change that Obama has been trying to make happen against all odds.

Nothing can be clearer or as pure than this choice.

Will this country go to the darks side again out of fear bigotry and become conned by the bad guys or will it save its ass?

The paradox of this choice will come down to the basic stupidity of large sections of the public who cannot see past their hatreds to see what will happen to them.

We’re talking born again Christians here.. The millions who are showing up to cheer for a Mormon and a Catholic ticket…This should be complete and utter heresy to these believers ,…They don’t believe JESUS came back to Earth in the 19th Century and the Angel Moroni was commissioned to write on a nice set of golden plates… but we can surely bet hardly any of them read the Book of Mormon. How many of them think the Pope is God’s representative on EARTH like Ryan’s faith teaches?

So this renders the whole political process on the Right into as Marx Brothers farce. So the question will remain until election day…

Will America be a ship of fools and make a TITANIC mistake …or will it weather the perfect storm of the last battle of white guys in suits who would rather go to war on their own people and other people around the World than live in an open Democracy full of life , love and a fair break of every body.

This is indeed the watershed moment…and the watershed is currently at Home Depot and made in CHINA!!



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