The Olympics are over! ..No terrorism…this is probably due to the fact that in the UK there’s a surveillance camera in every home. …Apparently the Brits don’t care that the government knows what size their underwear is or when they take a dump.

It might also be the fact that Obama has taken the terrorists down by terrorising them.

What is plainly obvious when looking at the medal count however is that American medals were shared mostly by women and by many African-Americans.

Coming back to earth here we might take a look at the REPUBLICAN extremist party. Exclusion of many minorities and women from their plans for the future of this makes this paradox very clear in our minds.

The GOP is waging a war on women’s rights and a war on minorities rights to vote…amongst all the other wars they are waging on the American people.

So in the real world of the REPUBLICAN AGENDA we can plainly see it does not and never will celebrate the diversity of this country.

The paradox of congratulating the Olympians for their triumphs and at the same time  denying their parents and grand parents the right to vote and the right to health care and education is right out there as plain to see as Chris Christie’s mega-girth and the need to put Michele Bachman in restraints and safely in a padded room.

The GOP is white on white on white…

They have token blacks like Alan West and Herman Cain… who are about as mainstream black as the Southern Minstrels of the 19th Century.

They have the Cubans who are mostly boat people and descendants from the gangsters who rule Cuba in the 50’s.

The GOP is the party of the whites.

This however is not where we’re at here in 2012.

The Olympics found us rooting for “Americans”…All races who said things like “I’M PROUD TO WIN A MEDAL FOR MY COUNTRY!”

Are those who rooted for the entire “American team” now out there cheering the exclusionary narrow framed small-minded obviously thinly veiled racists who now occupy the mind-set of the current extremist Republican Party.

It just doesn’t make any sense!


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