Today we face a serious problem…The GOP know they cannot win any election if minorities vote in large numbers. This is a fact!  This is the one and only reason for the bogus voter fraud legislation passed by GOP majorities in several States.

The larger issue is however something that is not being talked about in the media…. the actual word “suppression!”

If swept into power by a combination of illegal but hidden voting irregularities at the polling stations by paid EXTREMIST operatives… and help of the right wing stacked   SUPREME COURT..where will this leave the country?

If “suppression” of minorities at the election and the rule of law of the SUPREME COURT work for them why not continue on this path with every other use of the word suppression? LOCAL RED STATE MILITARIZED POLICE FORCES FOR INSTANCE?

The Obama regime has continued the Bush years of total surveillance and for all we know it has not be usurped in the extreme as yet…but in the hands of the weaker leaders this could be dangerous to the country’s freedoms .

The GOP ‘s only chance to stay in power in the face of a changing of the guard from a white American to a NEW MULTI colored America may lay in that word “suppression.”

And we can see it right before our eyes right now in Ferguson …not a pretty thought and a less pretty sight.


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