Fox News will now employ Michelle Bachman who will be known as
“The Fox Mews”…she will be covering the Fox News totally bat shit conspiracy theories from her newly reconditioned padded cell  in the Marcus Bachman walk in closet.

Sean Hannity today blamed President Obama for Mitt Romney not releasing his tax returns and making Ann Romney into somebody only deranged crooked billionaire Casino owners and the Dutch Royal family could stomach.

Governor Jan Brewer will hold a Dominatrix seminar next month in which she will dress up in black leather and chain whip any REPUBLICAN who has ever eaten MEXICAN FOOD or remembers Ricardo Montauban.

Openly gay Mormons will hold their convention this week in the front seat of a Fiat.

In anticipation of her coronation Ann Romney has ordered a coach and six white horses.

Ann Romney has sent a text to her close friends telling  them that she wants to called “The Really First Lady Above All Other First Ladies Ever!”

Convicted Russian Punk band’s Pussy riots are causing huge demonstrations to spread out around the World.

In a magnanimous gesture… Jay Leno is taking a cut in salary outsourcing his joke writing to China…he will also sell off some of his cars and his wife.

Regarding the British governments anger at Ecuador giving political asylum to Wiki Leaks founder Assange.This will now cultimate in the Brits cutting off  “any form of Fish and Chips” to the embassy.

I’m so rich I don’t give a flying fuck who wins this election!



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