What happened to jobs …jobs….jobs?…all we’re hearing about daily is taxes… taxes… taxes …and rape …rape… rape…

“What country are we living in?”…Let’s take some dead politicians that we all despised at one time or another..ask a question of them.

Barry Goldwater..the CONSERVATIVE’S  conservative in the 60’s. How does he stack up against Mitt freakin’ Romney.?..He’d be telling these crazed rape appeasing woman hating weirdos to go fuck themselves!

Johnson…Nixon…Ford..Reagan…Bush …Clinton…even Bush W..wouldn’t have allowed what apparently will be on the GOP platform this year…”No abortion even in the case of rape..”

“Who are these people? ”

How will Romney/ Ryan equate this with their current back tracking on the Akin blunder?

Romney’s statement this week was clearly a message that he did not agree with Akin…he stated without equivocation that women who were raped should have the right to an abortion. Heh?

Is he then at odds with his own insane woman hating party..whose platform will state …NO ABORTION EVEN FOR RAPE VICTIMS?
“What country are we living in”..why is this even an item to be discussed.?.

Who are the millions of Americans men and women who agree with Akin and Ryan that a government of Americans should have the right to force a woman to have an unwanted child by a criminal who might be in jail for life for what he did.?

“What country are we living in?”

The current GOP is the party of the zombie lunatics …a massive amount of mindless cretins filled with hate , bigotry and fear of the future under a brown and yellowing society of people brighter and more willing to work than they are.

Obama has become the symbol of fear ands frustration for these white people…a squeaky clean tough guy whom the desperate will not respect.

Hank Williams Junior rose from his drug induced slime pit this week and said Obama was a Muslim who hated farmers, the military and America and he hated him….to the cheers of the state fair crowd who will vote for Ann Romney for Queen and Paul Ryan as Robespierre.

“What country are we living in?;


2 Responses

  1. I enjoyed the blog, funny stuff but more importantly insanely true. My wife and I enjoyed meeting you and your wife last night. It was a breath of fresh air as I reside in conservativille and have to listen to their insane logic regularly.

    • Thanks..we enjoyed it too…the thing is in my industry..I have been known for my point of view for over 30 years and the peeps in charge still seem to buy my stuff…they want a hit even from a MUSLIM LOVING SOCIALIST…The truth hurts..but somebody’s got to give the people the pain do they can get better..you guys know that!!


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