IDIOTS INC…………………………………

So as things heat up politically…we have to look past the various philosophies of both parties to a simple and glaring fact.


We already knew this didn’t we ?

How about the “wide stance” guy?  Loved that old perverted idiot.

Okay we had Weiner!!…but they had the guy in the diapers..with the wife who looked she’s swallowed a lemon at the press conference.

Their idiots were so much more idiotic than ours.

How about John Ensign “Mister Christian” getting his shorts in a knot about Clinton  and then caught with his shorts down around his God-fearing ankles?…what an idiot…We could go on with Christian O’Donnell a total dumb ass… the poor man’s Sarah Palin ..the biggest idiot of them all!!

But now we’ve got the next batch of idiots ….the pseudo medical experts about Vaginas and the way they can shut down to avoid pregnancy…Kirk Cameron ..who must’ve found his version of God in a tub of pigeon droppings is an ex-television child star idiot who defends these other “legitimate rape” obsessed fools.

CONGRESS MAN Steve King says he’s never heard of anyone getting pregnant from date rape …he’s says he’s just received a citation from ‘Women who were raped and enjoyed it society”  Then there’s the current idiot woman who says rape victims babies are gifts from God.

Impossible to believe with lover 300 cable channels to glean information from …a woman can still come up with that!!

And on and on..thru Donald Trump…Ted Nugent, Hank Williams Jnr, Pat Boone..Pat Robertson and most of the people in touch with their inner bigotry.

We are becoming a LAND OF FOOLS…and many of them are congregating  in Florida next week wearing funny hats and eating the raw meat of white hate.



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