As the pundits and researchers are telling us that despite the obvious weakness and ridiculous posturing and insidious veiled racist lies of the extremist Right Wing ROMNEY political machine he might squeak out a victory.

It will come from voter suppression and fundamentalist white fear plus the more than a billion dollars spent by the GOP’s corporate sponsors.

The cornerstone of a Romney presidency is being seen this week.

Not even the nominee yet and Romney is ordering the press around with a series of rules as if he has the right to only speak of the problems for America that he wants to talk about.

He and his stuck up wife seem to think America owes them something…like the country on a platter.

Today he cracked a birther joke if this was just something he could do with impunity…Who the fuck does this guy think he is?

Money… it can be said… is the root of all evil.

When this guy gets into the power seat…America will be taken down a path ending Democracy and starting a revival of an imitation monarchy in the minds of the Romney’s who think they are God’s chosen to Lord it over their serfs and peasants with the help their armies and their robber barons.

Phew….you don’t have to be a psychic to see this coming….


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