In the case of the ROMNEY’S we have a perfect truth…people with inherited money suck..Mitt was born with a silver spoon shoved up his ass..he’s as much of a self-made winner as Iron Man.

Mitt and Anne have about as much idea of the common man as the Saudi Arabian King….or Prince Harry.

Yet here he is on the brink of a corporate palace coup that may take him and his lack of humanity and understanding of the average Joe into the White House just like a previous weak little rich asshole who totally fucked up this great country and made it the laughing-stock around the world.

Money in the hands of the inherited sucks…Trump/Koch/etc…dummy money!

So America why don’t you vote for the nasty little Mormon gay hating , black dismissing, Hispanic crushing, rape appeasing, war mongering, dog torturing , ridiculous under garment wearing, Donny and Marie ass kissing, crooked casino boss hanger -on, shape shifting court jester and damn the country  you live in to the Anti- Christ of hateful limited government..

Government that will be “smaller ” …but “big” enough to have an entire department that will force women who are victims of rape to have unwanted babies..who… right after birth… will not be taken care of by the “small” government who forced them to give birth. WTF?

If this is the country that the voters want…then how far away from humanity and reality have we come?

And it seems right now there’s more than a 50/50 chance of this happening.

Iceland has very few trees..and volcanos explode all the time … you freeze your ass off there …but they have a great  health care system education…and they’re almost free of religious indoctrination….and getting there on Icelandic Airlines is cheap.


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