Last night I attended a birthday party of a friend of mine…The rest of the guests were his other friends whom I had met socially maybe once before.

The conversation during dinner was general and enlightened.

When we started talking about what I did..I mentioned I wrote a blog ..I was asked..what is it about.?..and as we know I am not one to mince words…or opinions and proudly proclaimed it was extremely left leaning and I got my rocks off giving cruel and unusual verbal punishment to the extreme right.

This is when I saw the dawning of the age of Aquarius come over the assembled peeps and their wives. I had stumbled unwittingly upon a nest of Liberals.

The conversation immediately took on some importance and a certain urgency.

The main thrust… apart from the head scratching about how did the country become so polarized and who are these extremist right wing Fascist?…and that word Fascist was used…. was the fact that in their business..and even within some of their own families ..they had to watch what they were saying politically.

It was not fear I heard but expediency.

These were not dummies they were salt of the earth backbone of America people.

Liberals are here to heal the country ..this is why giving up on Obama too soon will be the classic watershed mistake made by an ignorant electorate of all time.

To let the Visigoth corpo-destroyers back into power now to completely dominate what is left of this free society will be the death knell of what is left of the fragile Democracy we currently survive in.

Now I must visit one of my grand children… a bright gorgeous 2-year-old who has a Hispanic father and a mother who is half Irish American and a quarter Native American.

I will be visiting the future majority of America…something the right wing Fascists who want to maintain the supremacy of the dominate white personage will have no control of what so ever unless they decide to cancel progress and the human spirit.


2 Responses

  1. Minced words, with some onions, sauerkraut and bull droppings, can be quite bland. For added zest, its best to add a liberal measure of truth.

    • If you can’t swim with the sharks get out of the pool before you get your ass chomped off!

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