COUP TIME…………………………………………..

As this election approached it is becoming abundantly clear that the GOP will  attempt… through their bogus voter fraud state legislations …an undemocratic palace  coup of these United States.

If Romney squeaks out a victory it will be at the expense of the poorest and the most vulnerable of all Americans..the minorities, the elderly and the uneducated. The very people who a DEMOCRATIC and benevolent rich 21st Century country should be protecting and assisting no holds barred.  

How damned will this hollow victory be?

How cheated will people feel?

How totally disappointing in our electoral process and the country will we be?

***It’ll be like going to the  Super Bowl and seeing a 55-zip blowout!

***It’ll be like going to a comedy festival where the only comic is Dennis Miller!

***It’ll be like going on a blind date and your date is Joan Rivers !

***It’ll be like taking Viagra and being stood up by Scarlet Johanssen.

***It’ll be like having a chance to kick Donald Trump’s fat ass and missing!

We jest….but these jokes are better than Romney’s racist jab at the first black President of the United States…how dare this weak little imperious ass wipe demean the dignity and honor of the sitting President who is more of an American than this pious pip squeak …and his horrible wife with a queen complex… will ever be.

God help this country if it gets turned over again to weak leadership in the hands of the likes of un-self made men like the Koch Brothers and Romney’s Rove backed white-collar criminals.

We will quickly become another China.

China which turned from COMMUNISM to “gangsterism” where socialism and humanity take a second place to profiteering…


In a matter of a few years we will be one giant fucking Wal-Mart!  

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