BEWARE THE WAR CRIMINAL ZOMBIES…..And as the zombie rape appeasers and the racist gay bashers gather for their perfect storm of a Nazi style convention.. it is clear that they will try to use false promises and subterfuge to make us all think they are the friends of the people…However we know from their platform they are anti us!

Can they hoodwink the fools and the fearful whites? Perhaps..if there are enough numbskulls in the land…

As Chris Christie eats his way through an entire Tampa Cheesecake factory’s inventory and washes it down with a flagon of cream…we should be aware of rat shit.

The fat man is getting ready to”sing” the praises of the weak insipid wishy-washy religious freaky guy-man and his nasty mean assed imitation aristocratic wife. Is this too strong..have you heard Limbaugh today??…publicity seeking slut!!!


While Romney and his little lying twerp Ryan get ready for their big moment …another big moment is about to happen…a hurricane called Isaac will slam into New Orleans just in time to remind every one of one of the biggest disasters in American history caused by the lack of attention of the last Republican fool who couldn’t run a car wash let alone a country…NOBODY “DID A GREAT JOB” THERE  you little loser Bush..”destroyer of countries” including your own ..tell Jeb to shut his cake hole about “time to stop blaming his moronic brother!” his brother was a right wing pawn…

If Americans are paying attention ..this might be the watershed…AND WE MEAN WATERSHED moment,when they wake up and smell the rotten stinking Fascist roses about to be thrust upon them by the worst bunch of white-collar criminals, racist and war mongers ever to crawl out of the lowest most putrid swamp of all time.

These zombies are ready to eat the flesh off the people of this country and they’re very hard to kill..and remember zombie/Dinosaurs like Clint Eastwood , Chuck Norris and Bruce Willis are on their side .

As usual those that think I’m a raving anarchist are wrong…I may be raving but this is my freakin’ blog…so go write your own…


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