So lets talk Mitt World.

The world according to Mitt..the “World” that has probably duped the poor white middle class into voting for …as if this was in their best interests.

Yes we’re talking “Mitt World” currently being pedaled as a “kinder softer America” run by those “kinder softer “corporate companies…all this in living pulsating colorful bull-twang  at the “kinder softer” GOP convention..

Kinda and softer???

That was until the floor bigots started throwing nuts at the CNN ‘s black camera woman.

….and then there it was!!!

The racist woman hating underbelly of  “Mitt World” all wrapped up in one glorious exclamation mark.

Mitt ‘n Ann..you swim with the freakin’ sharks you get eaten by the freakin’ sharks!!  They will come back to bite your well pampered asses.

Maybe deep down in side you used to be good people. ..but the way you’ve approached this current election has been to say the least DISGUSTING!

You cannot take back a year of hate with a kinder softer convention.

You’ve made your bigot bed and now you have to sleep in it.

The Americans you are appealing to watch Fox News…that’s where you’ve rested your chops…Go on Rachel’s show..she’ll listen to you ..then she’ll tell you how a huge portion of the country feels about you and why you’re not popular.

The racists who threw the nuts will get their own show on Fox News called “Last Bigot Standing!”

You and Queen Ann should learn this.. the President is the President of all the people…not just the scared shirtless  white folk you seem to be relying on for what might be the hollow victory of all time.

If this is Mitt’s World and Mitt somehow wins it will not be America’s World but a world of hurt and hate.


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