The one thing missing from the first day of the Democratic convention?

Only white people….This is a double negative…


Color it devisive!..And this is the only way the REPUBLICAN bigots want it!!

Millions of white people are gonna vote for the white guys..and the rest of the country will vote for Obama or go to the movies.

They will vote for Obama if they can get to a polling booth without being harassed and undermined by the white people who cannot stand to think they are becoming a minority…for even if they win this white time…..they will not be having a white time for too  much longer…this might be it for them unless they recruit the Chuck Norris white army and try to take over the DEMOCRACY they keep yelling about.

These people DO want freedom..they want freedom to control …they do not want “small government”…you cannot control with “small government”..they are liars and they are the destroyers of DEMOCRACY.

But they cannot stem the tide of black and brown babies and legal skilled immigrants from black and brown and yellow countries. We need to be colorful..

And anyway White isn’t even color.


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