While pundits around the globe are arguing about what keeps Kim’s cleavage for falling out of her dress ?  Kim’s political point of view are kept in the background.

We may ask why ?  Kim is a liberal and the DEMOCRATIC party knows it.

However some of Kim’s statements regarding her political leanings would tend to hurt the cause rather than help it we hear. You be the judge here are her latest pronouncements.

“Hey you guys…Progressives wear really expensive high heels too so what the big deal?”

“I can out dress that Palin bitch any day of the week apart from today I don’t want to get out of bed”

” I may be rich but I don’t hide my money in the BAHAMAS as soon as I get it I spend all of it in the good old USA…”

“Bill Clinton is cute …but I wouldn’t marry him even if the demographics were right.”

” I never buy stuff made in China its too far away but Italy that’s different it’s closer and it has better wine!”

” I have great family values…we’re worth a lot of value!”

“Bruce goes on the internet and sends pictures of his javelin to Republican women!”

“When ever they blame Obama for all that stuff I say what stuff ? and then they don’t even call back”.

“My mom believes in same sex  marriage or she wouldn’t have married Bruce.”

“They asked me what I thought of atheists and I said I don’t think I could go through life without meat.”

“When people ask me about the 1% I always say “Sorry I was no good at math.”

“They’ve asked me to be in the foreign service so I’m looking forward to being the US ambassador to Versace.”

“I believe in the minimum wage as long as it include tips”.

“People think producers tell me what to say on my show, that’s bullshit I have a mind of my own and I never say exactly what they tell me to say I make it sound like it’s real.”

“I like Hillary because she brings out the pant suits in a woman.”

“I like Joe Biden …who is Joe Biden?”

” I think we should tax the rich even though I’m rich but I have a show and they don’t.”







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