POT PLEASE……………………


Whether you smoke Mary Jane or you don’t  the idea of filling the jails up with smokers and growers of this ancient medicinal medicine is as utterly ridiculous and counter productive as trying to stem Donald Trump’s ego with only ONE  television show!  

The very second a smart future President pushes through the legalization of “Ganja the Great Leveler” ..America’s financial problems will be over!

You may be saying this statement is just “Cheesecake Factory in the Sky”…but you would be wrong.

The privatized jail industry will hate this when it happens as at least two-thirds of it’s “profit margin” populations will get released so that one third of them can go back to farming the land and being involved in the newest fastest “growing ” business in the World.  

Mexicans will just have to stop mowing each other down in the streets over who gets to deliver the next illegal shipment of “Wowie” to the eager citizens of every town USA! 

We’ll be able to fund six new wars with the billions legalization of pot will bring us.

This won’t happen however as nobody will want to do that kind of thing anymore. They’ll be too busy listening to music and eating six meals a day plus snacks!

Here’s something weird..Obama and his gang are against this..and recently we see Paul “Lyin'” Ryan says States should have the right to choose if they want to legalize pot  or not ..Heh?

Ryan says this? ..

Perhaps in desperation to ignite the youth vote this is his idea of a win situation.  Maybe he’s a secret toker…although a man who looks like he’s got a board up his Brooks Brothers ass doesn’t fit the picture.

Ryan has a point however..if it were up to the States this might be the “great leveler!” What States would legalize?..it might be surprising!!

Marijuana crosses over…It doesn’t have political boundaries .

FACE IT… Willie Nelson and Ted Nugent smoke it !  Clint Eastwood and George Clooney smoke it…Obama and George Bush smoke it…and although none of this can be proven without a blood or urine test today..perhaps The Pope and Larry Flint smoke it.

So “Pot please!!” …

Save the nation…lighten it up by lighting up. 


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