BUSH REDUX…………………..

It is most telling that ROMNEY hired many of the Bush administration’s war crazed puppets to advise him on foreign policy. This leading him to his tone-deaf bullshit about Russia being our # 1 enemy.

What is amazing is ROMNEY’S complete disregard for the history of abject and disastrous failure. How can anyone miss this.? He knows.. .we all know that George W Bush was and still is the worst President in modern American history.

Otherwise he would’ve been front and centre at the GOP convention ..treated like a conquering hero and lauded for his great contributions to peace, freedom and economy of the great nation he presided over for eight years.

Instead he was completely ignored and was seen skulking around Houston saying “Can you hear me now?”

Now we have another weak rich man’s son with no foreign policy experience who many ignorant short attention span people will vote for in the coming election. This is essentially what is wrong with the country at the moment.

There should be no doubt in the minds of most people that vote for this weak man with no real answers to anything really vital to the well being of the people is a totally wrong thing to do at this stage of the country’s future.

The similarities to Bush are real and very ominous.

But when 17% of the Republican’s in Ohio think that ROMNEY was responsible for killing Bin Laden then Houston we have a problem …and its the second coming of a  Bush clone with the  massive agony and disaster that a third coming of a Bush clone will bring with it.

Fascist style voter suppression might yet bring us to the brink of this and the end of Democracy as we know it …even with the current popularity of the present battle tuned and professional World leader we can trust to see us through the next four years.

As the enemy perceives the weakness of a Romney presidency so will they bring down more Bush era terrorism upon our Romney /Ryan unprotected nation.


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