TONE DEAF……………….



The events of the attacks on the United States  Embassy and consulate in the Middle East will now add a further telling dimension proving that Mitt Romney is not ready for prime time.

In fact he’s not even ready for early morning , late night , public access…or skype.

The proof is in his disregard for the human lives lost in his crazed, unhinged fact-f*cked press conference where he lashed out insultingly at the President of his country at precisely the wrong moment.

This is called Sarah Palin timing and we all know what happened to her.

Hey’re not the commander-in-chief in a time of national crisis. Your first statement should have been :

“I join my fellow Americans in condemning the cowardly attacks on our Embassy and Consulate..period then..STFU!!

Romney is diplomatically impaired….

His grasp of the whole picture of the country he lives in is “wealthy draft dodger Mormon-bishop- impaired….

If this is what The Right wants as their standard-bearer they got themselves the loser of all time.  

So suppress the votes you guys and good luck with this muddled up fool ..who right now looks more like a pall bearer than a standard-bearer


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