WORLD CUP…………………………..



While Muslim led Egypt and splinter grouped Libya and Yemen attack US Embassy’s over a flimsy excuse of an unknown anti religious movie that seems to say Mohammed  liked sex drugs and rock n’roll  ..the real World of soccer football goes on!

Iran might play Iraq, Saudi Arabia might play Israel, The USA might play Venezuela..and there’s always that darn referee from another country making sure that there’s no tripping or head butting.

There is hardly ever any automatic gunfire or rocket launching going on. These people want GOOOOOOOAAAAALLLS!!!!!

How soon we all forget the Olympic Games..where the entire World celebrates the greatness of their countries abilities…and religious and nationalistic political bullshit is forgotten in favor of a Russian throwing a javelin and deliberately missing the Ukrainian judge so she can beat a Rumanian and a Estonian.

Extremism and the simplification of our disputes down to violence and killing shows how very little humans seem to learn down through the ages.

Libyans fought side by side with Americans at the US consulate in Benghazi. Fox News might demonize the whole country of Libya ignoring the fact that Libya is free because of our saving their country from ghastly Gaddafi massacres.

Egypt found democracy and elected a Muslim brotherhood government . That The Right in this country… means democracy doesn’t work over there…and in their hearts they don’t think it works here…hence voter suppression.

This is an imperfect World…and it is full of imperfect people and Sarah Palin who takes that description to another level….

The WORLD CUP of Soccer football is in full view as the elimination matches are now taking place around the Globe.. But lives are not being eliminated only national pride.

What the world needs is less intolerance and more round balls.


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