Billionaire’s Booty…………

Don’t look now but we’re in trouble!!!

I was reading a blog today that purports to say the Republican Party is being slowly taken over by ten…count ’em ….billionaires.

On the surface this sounds like some sort of weird conspiracy theory…. But then again as you read on it begins to make ominous sense.

These mega rich guys are all in their 70’s and have a long-term mechanism which includes the training of a hierarchy of loyal Fascists… sons and daughters and close relatives to insure their eventual take over of this country.

This blog goes on to tell us that they are not concerned about this coming election if they win that’s okay…but they are in it for the long-term.

They have invented the TEA PARTY as their loyal stupid ignorant shock troops and they will fund the fanatics and the extremist for as long as it takes to entrench them in all types of government positions both local and national.

As I read on I realized this is not some panicky summation but a basically sound assessment of what these 10 billionaire  conspirators are up to.

The SCALIA criminal cronies on the “now bogus” Supreme Court are burrowed deeply in that now Fascist dominated band of brothers.

REALLY THE ONLY REASON THEY WILL TRY TO FORCE ROMNEY ON THE American people is to make sure that the SUPREME COURT judges are their sock puppets.

This democracy is in danger of becoming changed into a giant unfeeling corporate Wal-Mart society unless these MEGA- egomaniacs can somehow be checked and counter checked ..for this is beyond the politics as we know them and into a financial take over of the WESTERN world.

Who knows we could wind up with Donald Trump as the 21st Century’s Mussolini.

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