HARD RIGHT?………………………

As of today Romney’s peeps are abandoning any pretense at trying to get anybody with an average intelligence from voting for his ticket to the disastrous destruction of American society as we know it…

Instead they will concentrate on the Ted Nugent factor..They will double down with the Hank Williams Junior book of stoned out absurdities. They will put Pat Robertson and Steve King Front and Center and they will “go with an angry God and the massive project of denying as many minorities as possible their rights.

To many of us this sounds makes a great deal of sense if you want to be Hitler.

This will bring many millions of the people who want to see Hitler to the polls and they will drag their friends with them for they are the “fanatic vote!!”

The rest of us are NOT the fanatic vote….we are the rest of America…but we should consider this..Hitler stole the general election in the 1930’s with less than 32% of the vote…

On a pretext he shut down the government… the rest is a history that hardly any of the cretins who will fall of the neo-con crap and vote for Romney… have a flying Hungarian clue about!

To stop this obvious attempt at splitting this society into warring factions: THE PRESENT GOP MUST BE TAKEN DOWN AND VOTED OUT IN A LANDSLIDE ….

UNTIL THEY COME TO THEIR SENSES and return to a sanity that can rightfully be called an American political party with moral values …they should be put out to pasture.



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