Mitt and the millionaires have now been outed for the masses..

Oh we (in the know) …knew!  But the depth of the elitist depravity was never going to be front and center ever as they kept that for their in mansion parties and their weekend orgies.

The good old rich boys were never ever gonna let that cat out of the bag.!!

But there was a God..and it came in an ironic ruck sack.  

A SECRETLY FILMED expose of “rich-think!’

The heartless disdain of the wealthy for anyone less fortunate than them exploded onto the television news media like a nuclear weapon of  ROMNEY-ESQUE proportions as we witnessed the melt down of his pandering stupid and tone-deaf campaign.

To us here at BEARDEVIEW there was a much larger issue than ROMNEY however.

Revealed in this hour-long video was the mindset.. not just of one weak little ego tripping rich man’s loser son…(been there done that with Bush.)…no… it was the idea that this is what all those millionaires and many more millionaires really feel about this country and the direction it should be taking..INTO THEIR LAPS …

And why ..because “they deserve it”..”they made the moves,” ” they took the gambles” ..”.they took the risks” and they made it big…so they are the elite ..they are the winners and all those other cretinous creeps are the losers…and here’s the irony “they think they’re entitled!”
However their brilliance doesn’t allow them to see past their perfectly reconstituted noses to see who did the work for them that got them where they were.The hundreds of thousands of underpaid overworked drones who ,to them, are scum.

Nothing will change..money will and always has bought everything..but at least this video will go down as the great LEVELER.

Unfortunately America’s poor and ignorant cannon fodder will still be hoodwinked into voting against their best interests by the monies spent by the rich telling them what to do…The tragedy of greed will continue and true Democracy will remain a philosophy only.

The elites will always rule whether they be Chinese COMMUNIST elites…Iranian Mullah elites…British Royalty elites…Bush Family elites…Rupert Murdoch media elites…NFL owner elites….Wall Street White collar criminal elites…Supreme Court Elites…Pentagon elites…Clinton elites…and we may ask ourselves how the fuck did this uppity black man get in this mix?


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