They have the money …they have the teams … they have the power..and they have the most successful television franchise in history…Its bigger than MASH ever was..Its football.

Why only this week an NFL Sunday game beat the Emmy’s in the ratings!

Of course the Emmy’s were being hosted by Jimmy Kimmel somebody whose eyes are much to close together and is known only to people in New Jersey and parts of Canada.

But it appears the NFL owners …who are 95% believers in the philosophies of Attila the Hun…that they are hell-bent on acting like barbarians by pillaging the sport of football by allowing professional referees to be replaced by clowns in striped shirts and baggy pants.

This corporate think is so stupid and unproductive and in a way exactly what this country would be facing in a broader picture if  The Clown Prince Romney by some fraudulent miracle became President.

The NFL owners are blindly following the pattern of all major corporations…our way or the highway…so we have financial blunders of mind  shaking proportions.  So stupid that during the Bush years their decisions ruined an economy and were taking this country into a TERMINAL TAILSPIN!

Beware America the NFL owners and this crazy elitist bullshit union destroying crap is a precursor of a ROMNEY./RYAN administration.

There would not be a worst case scenario for this country than a government with referees who didn’t know what they were doing and caused enormous anger and physical pain by being put in charge of something they have no idea how to handle;

I rest my case and also my steamer trunk and a six-pack of non alcoholic beer.


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