As the debates get underway and the election nears we need to hear from the rich people and how they feel..Many BILLIONAIRES are feeling screwed over by Obama. And as much money as they are pouring into the election they can’t seem to be able to shake the black guy out of first place.

On the other hand Kim Kardashian is true blue for Obama here are some of her recent statements.

“I like the President because he knows how to sing like Rev. Al Green who is one of my  favorite Christians .. I hope he doesn’t kiss a snake and die.”

“I’d like to show Obama a good time and I don’t mean the whole nasty ….just some dirty dancing and a little phone sex…after all he’s a married man.”

“This Romney’s wife..I guess she’s a good shopper…but not in my class…and she looked like shit in black leather on Jay’s show…when she sat down German Shepherds could hear her bony ass squeaking in Pittsburg!”

“The Romney sons are foxes …but getting them naked would be a big problem.”

“The only other Morons I know are Donnie and Marie…she has the same boobs as me…but her tits are in need of a lube job!”

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