Yes this has been used  to add infinitum to the injury of  bad play on words…but these debates are men in suits playing with themselves.


Because the ratings media hype surrounding these debates is so over the top as to be like a day listening to Donald Trump talking about how wonderful he is ..when we all know he’s a ten tons of screaming insecurity hiding under ridiculous hair and money he owes the world.

The media just wants to beat the cable smash kid boo boo series..and so the ratings head beating goes on…

Romney would have to become Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and Laurence Olivier overnight to catch up with Obama in our humble opinion.

REMEMBER Fox News told us that Sarah Palin “knocked it out of the ball park!” in her debate with Biden. But the residue of the train wreck of Palin’s stupidity didn’t make any difference in the public’s perception of a blithering grand standing trailer trashy loser.Don’t get us wrong ..we love woman..but the ones like LIZ WARREN who make sense when they talk…

With Romney don’t hold your breath for the now oncoming predictable zingers!

Hopefully they will be written by Dennis Miller…but somehow a man devoid of any humor or timing will find a way to “un zinger “them even if they had a slight chance of being even mildly zinger like.

Actually all Obama has to do is keep saying is ..”Yes but I’m the President and you’re as crazy as a cat on crack and catnip…. …just ask your wife she thinks you going bonkers!

Mitt is the most unpopular GOP candidate since who the hell knows what…

The public are waking up to the fact that George W was responsible for fucking the country up big time…and they’re starting to realize that Obama really” does care about them and he doesn’t “hate America” and he’s not a “Muslim Socialist”.

You’ll know Mitt in full panic and is appealing to his base if he plays any kind of a veiled race card…Like accidentally saying ‘Hey Hussein..isn’t it prayer time… naughty boy… you’re not facing East!”

Watch for that.


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  1. Nailed It!!!

    • thanks Howard we try….

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