In God we trust…but not Mitt Romney!

Is this country insane enough to hand over the reins of government to a pathological liar who it seems would sell his and his Vice President’s philosophies down the river to gain a few points in a debate?

How do you think Paul Ryan feels right now as his partner in GOP corporate white-collar crime changes his red coat for a coat of many colors right before his eyes.?

And in front of 90,000,000 people?

Holy Toledo and other swing states!

Mitt wins debate…bullshit!

Lying up your ying-yang wins debate… bullshit!

Obama wins debate by appearing to lose. An Academy Award performance…As the dumb assed Mitt sets himself and his Vice President up for the greatest put downs in the history of debating.

People who underestimate this President are living in the alternative universe of Fox News and the minds of the GOP racists.

Next thing to watch for the systematic Joe Biden take down of Paul Ryan …as the Democratic attack dog takes a giant rabid bite out of a pip squeaks chiseled ass!

You want reality TV?    Thor’s hammer will never equal what is about to happen to the smirking 1% tool and his sissy boy cohort.


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