So here’s something to get your chops around.

The workers at Wal-Mart (in 12 cities) are striking for better conditions… like a 10 minute lunch break instead of a FIVE! ..perhaps an exaggeration but making the point.

Its been a fact for a long time that the people working there are treated like shit by their corporate bottom line bosses for years.

As in most cases the human spirit can take so much and then even in difficult circumstances they just snap…they want a little dignity and control over their daily lives. They will not be slaves!

Wal-Mart is run like a Southern Slave State. Its employees are subjugated and frightened into accepting really less than average conditions in all areas. Long hours, low wages etc.

This is how the public gets to have such low prices and so they ,in turn, are a part and parcel of the Wal-Mart exploitation package of modern world wide business practises.

So we have the GOP and its business mavens up in arms at this striking thing.


Some of us might say this is a major paradox…


3 Responses

  1. So… Just who are the Communists in the equation lol?

    • Thanks for the very strong words Doug…we are in a ludicrous time cb.

  2. The people in the United States Don’t Even realize what a SHIT HOLE FASCIST State of Life they live in already,, They have already Given Up all their RIGHTS And Want TOO MUCH ALREADY in THEIR SLAVERY Let them EAT MC DONALDS at WAL-MART AS They ARE Working With No TIME off.. Plus They DAMN WELL BETTER ENJOY IT Next year the CHINESE WILL BE HERE TO REPLACE THEM… —30—

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