The Pope ‘s first comment..”Catholics won!”

The first thing Ryan did after leaving  the stage was take a giant leak.

The terrified look on Paul Ryan’s face looked like he was watching “SAW 6”

Joe Biden’s dentist to get his own reality show.

The ABC moderator was Jim Lehrer without the lobotomy.

At times Paul Ryan wished he was an empty chair.

It was obvious Paul Ryan’s widow peaked early.

Mitt Romney watched the debate with Ann and some of his money.

As Fox News said Biden was “rude” and “crass”… Brett Hume was asking telling  Megyn Kelly if he could oil her calves.

Ann Romney got so incensed at Joe Biden’s talk of the middle class “getting a fair break” ..she went downstairs and fired some of them.

Ryan will be okay…they found his balls in a bucket right after the debate.

Since the debate the Roget’s Thesaurus website has seen a major upturn in researching the words “callow” “uniformed” and “full of shit!”


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  1. Dear Chris You are much too gentle.. It was like snn on cnnsd

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