ROMNEY is an extremely nasty piece of work.

In this second debate ..as in the first ..he believed that he was above the format and in charge of proceedings like a CEO of a company who answers to no one.

His arrogance is only surpassed by his classless disregard for the office of the President of the United States. It is one thing to debate hard …it is a whole other thing to use unacceptable rudeness and crass indifference in attempting to run roughshod over the President and the moderator which he attempted to do in the first 5 minutes of the debate.

This was appalling to the people with whom I was watching the debate.

Romney appeared to feel he was in charge…he was the God given President in waiting   and he could just take over and kill this thing off.

His false bravado was sickening to watch…and his contempt for Obama and the rules of the debate were indeed frightening.

If this elitist psychopath is given any real power over a military he could start a World War in 10 seconds flat.

Luckily, just as he thought he was going in for the kill on Libya, he did what he always does he becomes the stupid dumb asshole he always was and always will be.

After subliminally taking down women with his inane “I’ve got binders full of women lie” he was destroyed with one single fact check from a woman who was never in his binder basically because she would not have fit.

Yes it was “THE BATTLESHIP US CANDY” that fired the ten gun salvo across his dumb assed bows crushing his numb nuts into baking powder.

He was left looking like a deflated condom…like a limp dick in need of a feather!

After that a “suit” was standing there but the nasty little Mormon was hiding in the lining…

This is what is called in the Bible as retribution…it is like not leveling the playing field but nuking it.

The cool Commander-in-Chief Obama administered the coup d’ grace by slamming the now empty suit with the 47% quote.

The cowardly Romney’s skulked away ..without even a handshake…Mitt knew he’d become a joke again…Ann would withhold sex tonight and he was relieved about that…as Ann got on the phone and ordered a hit on the Obama’s dog.


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