So Mitt tries to bully CANDY and Tagg wants to punch out the President.?

This then is the ROMNEY family of bullies…let’s not leave Ann out here as she would like to take a horse whip to Whoopi and probably put a hit out on the Obama dog

Romney….So lacking in class and dignity…so lacking in humor or humility. If this is what America wants in leadership so be it.

“This family makes George W look less like the shit kicker he was.”

“These people are not shit kickers they are middle class and poor people kickers.”

“Ann Romney wouldn’t know a middle class family if they ran over her in a used Buick.”

“Tagg Romney has fists of silly putty!”

“Mitt Romney and his sons wouldn’t know how to fight in a war but at least they’d know how to start one.”

“During the Vietnam war Romney assumed the missionary position.”

Giving this physical and moral and emotional coward the reigns of power would bring on an Apocalypse of amazing proportions..and thats what he’d do to the American people before he got to Russia and Iran…

I remember a bully boy at school who demanded that I pay homage to him. I was an English kid come to Australia when my family migrated there. His gang tied me to a tree and beat the shit out of me.

Later I was picked to play on a rugby squad against his team…This time there was a REFEREE…I was able to tackle this bully boy legally and make him bleed.

After that in the Australian rugby tradition  I was made captain of the team and the bully boy was reduced to a sniveling reserve…pleading to let him play.

Obama bitch slapped the bully and CANDY cut off a nut …Romney became a sniveling sissy.

Moral: “If you make the bully bleed ..you get to be captain of the team!”


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