“Smart dog”……………………………

I don’t know why this happens but when ever turn I on Fox News… for even a brief few seconds… my little terrier dog starts growling at the screen and chasing her tail trying to bite it.

I suspect that Fox News is on some evil frequency that only really smart dogs pick up.

Check this out with your dog…I know it means you have to watch Fox News for a few seconds …but I’d be interested to know… We all think our dogs are smart but this seems to be one sure way of finding out.

Meanwhile CNN is still trying to be Fox News lite and failing because there are still a few real journalist there that don’t go for it at all. Like Solidad O Brian who likes to chop the testicles off an array of total jerks like John Sununu..who resembles a pile of  useless left over rumble from the Bush years.

Fox News has all but told its viewers that ROMNEY has won the election with over 1,000 seats in both houses and that Ann is picking out the drapes and where she plans to put the stables behind the Rose Garden.

Romney has his own private suite at Fox News and has avoided going on any other news program where he can’t shout everybody down or have Tagg beat them up.


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