As we approach this next election one thing is undeniably clear……

Southern White America has lost its collective marbles!!.

Christians and  many Southern white women will be voting against their basic principles in the hope that a lying cheating war mongering Mormon rich guy with no social skills or international experience will save them from the Muslim Socialist hordes from the North and from the West.

They will be voting for somebody whose religion is a blasphemy to them if they are truly Christians …and whose view on women are from some form of subservient “get back in the kitchen and have babies philosophy.”..and “while you’re there we men can tell you what to do with your bodies!”… COUNTER REPRODUCTIVE!!

And they will be voting for his running mate who is a follower of Ayn Rand a freaking Atheist and a God denying, poor people hating,female sexual predator.

REALLY… this is NOT bullshit….these are the facts…but obviously white  men and white SOUTHERN WOMEN don’t want to know about facts. They want the black guy outta there and a return to the wonderful Bush years of mega death of an army and an economy.

We say this again and again here…How can this be in the 21st Century?..but here we are…the country is evenly split …so the polls say…if we can believe them.

If the South rises again we can be sure that Romney /Ryan will be the cause of an “uncivil war” the likes of which this country has not seen since the 1860’s.

We are torn apart by the media of the extreme right that… on a 24/7 time span… seeks to take down the democracy that has taken all these years to keep in place…now more than ever  its fragility is showing in the stark reality of the average American’s brooding  paranoia captured so tellingly by the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh the shrill voices of racist hate.

Romney’s idea of America is still completely a mystery and if elected the millions of people who voted for him will have no idea of where he wants to take them ..one thing is for sure ….one place will be back into endless war… and this time let’s not discount a MAD MAN with his hand near the nuclear button in the name of his God brought to you by a con artist named Joseph Smith.

Scary for perhaps the last Halloween ever!


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