This guy ROMNEY is a really weirded out dude who seems to think the World owes him the job of running it. Any man who thinks Syria is Iran’s gateway to the sea is not fit to run a car wash let alone a country…was he taking Sarah Palin geography lessons?

He will do anything to get this achieved…like throwing his entire right wing war mongering thing under the bus just to  get some obscure non committed voters to see his kinder gentler sadism.

There is an evilness about Romney…he’s like a man-child…and a sweaty one at that. Sweating while sitting  still is a dead giveaway that something is rotting in that person’s psyche .

He is devoid of any other emotion that deep frustration at not always getting what he wants. Oh how he hated that his handlers told him to sit on his bluster ass and not to start shouting down everyone in sight as if they were just there to listen to his rat shit.

John McCain looks like a gentleman compared to this candidate…but he does appeal to the evil and hateful side of this country and he’s somehow or other tapped into all of that slime.

Raping women seems almost acceptable to his party …and even as he pulls back a little …it’s just not enough because God forbid he starts losing the pro-rape white guys!..The one’s that say it God’s will.

Some say he “looks Presidential” we think he looks like a non person…a store front with no showroom…and NOTHING BUT a shell from hell.














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