Anne Coulter and Sarah Palin are horrible people.

They get up in the morning and they sit at their computers and they start ruminating on what they can write that will make the left-wing press go ape shit and the right wing press set off fireworks and invited them  to elaborate their disgusting racist slurs.

Anne n’ Sarah are not women…they probably shave under their arms, use cologne and perfume, wear high heels and look glam…but so does Tyler Perry.

Anne n’ Sarah are disgusting media whores and good luck to them for providing us with a look into the soulless racist minds of REPUBLICAN women.

15 REPUBLICAN candidates for Congress have said publicly that  there should be no abortion even in the case of rape…and 2 of them are Republican women.

Republican woman…Ann Romney is one….Barbara Bush is one and if she were alive today Lucretia Borgia would be one.

So millions of these women with the same mentality of some of the above will cast their vote and will hopefully feel that they are so protected by their God that they will never be raped by a TED NUGENT cover band and so will never have to face having the baby of a diseased meth freak.

Michelle Obama …Hillary…Elizabeth Warren…Rachel Maddow…Oprah…Susan Sarandon…Ellen…Barbara..Cher…Joan Walsh… Diane Feinstein …Whoopi…Joy Baher…Barbara Boxer…Patty Murray  ..now wer’e talkin’


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