“PSYCHO MITT!”………………..


Some shrinks actually think he believes the last thing out of his own mouth.

When President Romney takes over  he will be a glove puppet for Paul Ryan, The Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and the “Bushie war devils” he surrounds himself with.

He has no mind of his own…just of others…It is unimaginable the chaos a ROMNEY/RYAN/ “angry white man against the World” regime will bring to a recovering country.

They will be more ruthless than a Joan River “Fashion Police Show.”

They will be more ruthless than Simon when some poor fool sings sharp.

ROMNEY is a madman ready to take the country into a hideous and narrow framed right wing cultist direction that will make the Bush-era look like “The New Deal”.

There will be riots in the streets that’ll be put down by the new vicious violent unleashed police force mentality that we ‘re already seeing in local incidents right now.

Example: The illegal eviction at gun point of a terminally ill cancer patient in a wheel chair at gun point…NO KIDDING (check this out)… It sounds like a comedy sketch …but it actually happened…

Rape will be condoned … Public schools will be closed …Old people will die off …women will lose control of their bodies and their jobs …Ted Nugent will be put in charge of nuclear weapons and Donald Trump will get his own 24/7 TV network.

You think we’re kidding ?…

Vote for this weakling at your peril.


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