“GOD SPEAKS”………………………


The perfect storm whether a creation of God or the whether a creation of weather or of “man” has made BIG GOVERNMENT IMPORTANT!!!

SANDY has rendered the ROMNEY/RYAN “small government” theories coal dust!

A perfect storm demands a “perfect government” response it all its glory….

The combined efforts of local government and national government assisting in the protection of the American people. ..this is what we’re talkin’ about right now in rivers city! The exact opposite of what the pip squeaker and the “smaller government mavens ‘ and ‘states rights” advocates want….

“Praise be the Lord”…perhaps “Global climate change” has a good side if it helps reelect the sitting President …A man who can now just be what he was always meant to be “President of all the peeps!.

We know Obama will mobilize the greatest all-encompassing Government forces to bring help to the needy.

We know the Governors of the States effected will have to work with “their President” to assure them of the FEMA financial aid and troops of all kinds on the ground for the needs of local relief.

….And what can lying little chicken shit Romney do? ..Just sit on the sidelines and make “nice!”..that what he can do…Maybe go on Fox News and blame Obama for not reading the weather forecasts soon enough…

All the corporate money in the World can’t do what the United States Government and the United States PRESIDENT in charge can do to make things right with the people.

This storm has rendered Mitt Romney ineffectual which of course he already was.

Thank you JESUS!…and rain!


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