This is the day that Christians hate..yet 99% of them are dressing their kids up as ghouls, the undead version of ROMNEY…and hideous versions of flesh-eating zombies devils with forked tongues and evil satan worshipping witches.

Of course JESUS rose up from the dead…but nobody dressed up as JESUS..unless they’re at Bill Maher’s party.

Of course today Huckabee has told Christians if they vote for Obama they will burn in eternal damnation…which he can say with impunity seeing he’s a journalist at Fox News….Whose gonna tell him he’s full of shit there…SEAN HANNITY who won’t be  dressing up as a Neanderthal due to the fact he is one.

Electing Romney as President would be like giving out apples with razor blades in them.

It would be like having Dracula sucking the blood out of the entire middle class.

It would be like the living hell of having to fuck Anne Coulter every night.

It would be the horror of having Marcus Bachmann attempting to “get the gay out of you “while sitting on your face.

It would be like the horror of being forced into a soul-destroying job helping with a Glenn Beck comeback.



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