As the waters recede from Manhattan and from, New Jersey two things become abundantly clear…This has proven Al Gore ‘s statement that New York “COULD BE UNDERWATER any time soon”…and that God has cooked Mitt Romney’s lying ass.

The President looks like the President he is and has always been ..strong, resolute and quick acting…ROMNEY looks like an insipid wimp of a loser carrying unwanted cans of “aid” to a truck in Ohio…where he’s “NOT” campaigning …adding more bullshit to HIS  ever-increasing pile.

Two things will now hopefully happen…One will be the entire country will now look at this obviously man-made disaster and say ” Shit have we’ve fucked up this bad?” …and the other one will be …
“Mitt Romney running things ..forget about it!”

Mitt has been rendered hopeless…and now the shrillness and the panic will set in as his minions will attempt to do the impossible…Pull down a working President while he is hell-bent on saving the Eastern seaboard of his country from total devastating disaster.

Chris Christie for God’s sake looks more presidential than ROMNEY…Mitt is trapped by circumstances beyond his lies…and Christie is embracing Obama like a gay man!

Panic however in the hands of unscrupulous men is a dangerous proposition…there is no telling what this panic will bring to the equation…The Right  has spent almost a billions dollars to defeat Obama ..and they are now seeing all that money and the power they want slipping away with the waters receding from the world most exciting city…

They are witnessing the reality of what heedless corporate greed and short-term profiteering can do when the environment is ignored and even ridiculed as  problematic forecasts by a bunch of Liberal Socialist fools.

The only way these people can sweep into power now is with the palace coup we talk about here at BEARDE’S EYE VIEW.

It is entirely possible that…  as we write this blog… there are meetings being put together to beat the DEMOCRATIC  process and to, at the very least, disrupt the upcoming election is such ways as to put the final vote tally in jeopardy. This with the hope that once again the outcome will be put in the hands of a right wing SUPREME COURT.

There is just too much at stake for the extremists to lose in their eyes.

There will be blood!


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