The rest of the World has spoken and Obama is “GLOBALOBAMAMAN” ready to jump international troubles in a single bound …stop a speeding terrorist attack with a single SEAL team..

They love their Obama in most countries around the world not being attacked by drones of their own making due to harboring terrorists.

Yes they love our guy from Greenland to Antarctica …From Finland to New Zealand.

Most countries look upon any body here voting for a lying little war mongering corporate swine as total insanity.

This is because they are mostly not older white guys who love guns, football Hooters, subservient wives and think that rape is just not that big a deal….

So there you have it elect (Bush 3 ) and America looks like the land of the buffoons. Americans can say:”We don’t give fuck what foreigners think we’re a DEMOCRACY.. And we’ll vote for who we want…”  

They can say that…but what they can’t get the hang of is that Islam is not their enemy …he’s much closer to home and his wife’s name is Ann.


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