I have always loved her from the first time I met her in 1967 as a starry-eyed young singer on the brink of her major stardom. It was on an NBC special I was writing and it was her first solo shot. Sonny was hovering over her like a hawk…She was surrounded by beautiful young women and had that twinkle in her eye.

Little did I know that a few years later CBS would ask me to write and co-produce a summer show with Cher and Sonny.

We met Sonny and Cher and hit it off immediately. Cher’s sense of the ridiculous fit in perfectly with the style of comedy I loved best.

Throughout our three years together as producer/mentor and super star in the making we never talked much about politics…We were in fact apolitical with the Bono’s.

Everyone knew my politics however as I was a loud vocal Nixon detractor and wore my hair long and my beard shaggy.The director of the show often referred to me as the CBS resident COMMUNIST.

I don’t have contact with Cher anymore as time and energies change ..but I love her still and now admire her activism…I’m sure if we did bump into each other like we would start up immediately trash talking the Romney /Ryan anti humanity clap trap.

When the Bono split came and we parted company that was the first time really that it  became obvious that Cher was a progressive activist and Sonny was a right wing reactionary. Maybe I was just not paying attention or I was just so self-absorbed I didn’t care to notice this other deep caring side of this woman.

We need more Cher’s ….

So I loved Cher even more.

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