Across the country the Republican Extremist Party has unleashed an unprecedented attack on the democratic right to vote DEMOCRATIC.

Reports are coming in from everywhere concerning illegal activities, bullying, wrong information, hacking etc.

ONE WOMAN in Oregon was changing 100’s of DEMOCRATIC votes to straight Republican. She was arrested and carted off to jail…this is NOT an isolated incident however.

It seems coordinated and as such can be perceived as a portent of more obstructionism in the future if Obama is reelected.

While the American military is overseas apparently protecting their country from losing their freedoms..back home these traitors are betraying these soldiers who are in harm’s way.

Not a pretty picture which is probably condoned by ROMNEY who hasn’t said a word about these seditious acts…and why because this would be the only way he can possibly win.

The man who would be king is really an emperor with no clothes and no morals.


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