We are now presently and officially living in the America of our future.

This consists of  the TWO COASTS , the enlightened population,most of the women, the gays and the majority of our minorities living in new “Obamaland” .

What the United States should be ….but is NOT.

We must not be complacent here…millions of people living in this country still voted for a lying, tax evading, draft dodging racist who spent his whole campaign insinuating that poor people , women , gays ,higher education and public health care were symptomatic of  everything that is wrong with this country.

Romney and his minions attempted to paint the PRESIDENT as a worthless loser incapable of running the country because “being black” somehow or other made him inferior to the white people.

71% of white men voted for this message.

The Deep South voted for this message…both men and women…millions upon millions.

Old white people in Florida voted to lose their health care and their social security in their attempt to get rid of the future with the dreaded Negro and maintain their link with FOX NEWS and their hero Donald Trump…

These millions upon millions of dopey ignorant white people are still out there …but the good news is they’re dying out.

There are 13, 000 Hispanic people becoming 18 every month. They are not going to vote for old white guys in suits or even crazy white women like Michele Bachman.

The GOP is now in danger of becoming a zombie…The TEA PARTY taste for human flesh will see itself only eating “white meat.”

Mitch McConnell’s stature as a prognosticator will see him banished to the rank of  “Mumbling Old Fool in an ill fitting suit!”

Liberal America has risen up and bitten the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove on their fat asses….Proving” you can buy and sell a corporation…but you can’t buy a country!”

THE SMARTER ELEMENT OF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC were not fooled by the lies and the racism…they were not hoodwinked by the FOX NEWS JUGGERNAUT…

They laughed in the face of Limbaugh and Trump for the clowns they are…and when Romney trotted Lindsay Lohan and Meatloaf…They called on Bruce Springsteen and Barbra Streisand …

D grade extremism just didn’t work now and it will never work in the future.

It’s over for white America and the right wing extremists..

This is now “Obamaland” and he will now hopefully turn it back into the UNITED States of America…its a tough job but somebody’s got to do it.

Mean while Ann has called the Interior decorator to return the drapes and the FOX News Black Panther scare is over as the one guy they filmed was actually the doorman at a Goth Hotel on 96th street.

I rest my case…but not the steamer trunk.


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