There once was a pop musical duo called Sonny and Cher. They had their ups and they had their downs…and one day they got their own TV series. This lasted for three highly successful years until they split up.

They both tried new TV shows which bombed.

They both went their own ways..Cher won an Oscar and Sonny won an election.

Sonny became a US Congressman …which… to some of the people who really knew him… was a TERMINAL joke…but he was a Republican so it did make some kinda sense in an Alan West, Michele Bachman kinda way.

One day Sonny looked up and thought ..”Shit..I may be voted out of this job..I’d better get something going in show biz again” So he asked his ex producer….the one who created the format and the characters for their first successful show to write a BROADWAY musical about Sonny and Cher’s life.

This was done quickly and soon some heavies from 42nd Street were ready to put up some major green to see it happening in the big city.

Just as this whole thing was ready to rock Sonny hits the tree and buys the big one!

The producers and the creators are in shock….but realize that they still have a hot property. But they hit a snag…the hot property “The Beat Goes On!” is now owned by Mary Bono Sonny’s next wife ..a waitress at his Palm Springs restaurant who served Sonny more than a great Lasagna and then married him. Cher had sold all her rights to Sonny years ago.

Mary gets to take over Sonny’s seat in Congress..who knows how that happened …and refuses to release the BROADWAY producers the rights to a hit musical with the initial start up money intact. Mary Bono actually tells the writer in a meeting …”If you change the story to one about Sonny and Mary we can talk!”

A great possible major hit died right there and then..the Libretto with all of S&C’s big hits sits in a draw gathering dust.

Mary Bono lost her seat in Congress..And she will now gather dust somewhere in Colorado..

Karma catches up with you.


4 Responses

  1. Are you calling Mary Bono a cont?

  2. no matter how many show business stories I hear like this it never surprises me… egos the size of 42nd Street. Sonny and Mary… yah, that’s way more interesting than Sonny and Cher… maybe it could run for an afternoon in NYC.

    • had to have a cold shower after that meeting…

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